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How to use Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver aka Silver Water is considered a miracle healing product, with a long and rich medical history. It is an original antibiotic that can be incorporated into any lifestyle to combat viruses, fungus, and harmful bacteria. It helps the body to attain a deeper level of detoxification besides strengthening the immune system. Colloidal silver can be used topically to combat a number of skin complications or be ingested to serve various medical functions. To help you out with this miracle cure, here is a guideline outlining the manner in which you should use colloidal silver.

Colloidal Silver Use

Use it orally to detoxify the body

A single teaspoon of colloidal silver will offer approximately 75mcg of silver. This is considered a nutritional amount and can be for as long as you need. Any amount beyond 4 teaspoons will provide 300mcg, which is considered a therapeutic amount. In essence, the amount and frequency depend on the desired outcome. Even when the body is extremely toxic, however, no one should try to clear it up in one instance. While colloidal silver may possibly achieve such a goal, the five basic eliminatory channels may be overloaded for some time and, therefore, cause issues such as dizziness, extreme fatigue, headache nausea and even aching muscles. When taken orally, colloidal silver gets absorbed from the mouth right into the bloodstream. For fast absorption, it is recommended that you swish the solution in the mount and hold it under the tongue for some time.

Use it as a cleaning agent

Colloidal silver is a colorless and odorless solution that has been found ideal and non-irritating to sensitive human tissues such as the eyes, lungs, and nose. As such, you can use it as a topical treatment to cure cuts, insect bites and stings, skin problems and sores. If you suffer any form of warts, for instance, place a few drops of the solution on a band-aid and wear it over the affected area.

For insect bites, spray the colloidal silver solution to the affected area or rather apply the gel to the affected area. If the insect bite is severe, use a cotton ball and tie it around the affected area with the help of a band-aid.

Use it for toothaches and mouth sores

It has worked for a long time in treating a wide variety of oral issues. Gargling with colloidal silver for a few minutes has been known to rectify issues of bad breath. The same application will also serve as a solution to tooth decay, mouth ulcers, and toothaches.

Inhale it to kick out pneumonia and bronchitis

The most effect way of tackling pneumonia and bronchitis with the help of colloidal silver is by inhaling it right into the lungs. Make use of a nebulizer, a device that atomizes any liquid such that it can be inhaled smoothly into the lungs. With this form of application, you need one teaspoon which you may then use 3 times a day.

Use it to sterilize food and water

Colloidal silver has served as an excellent water purifier for years. Store every 5 liters of water with 1 or 2 teaspoons of colloidal silver and it will remain clean and sweet tasting for a long time. If your water has germs and other contaminants, on the other hand, adding 3 teaspoons of colloidal silver to 5 liters will make it safe and drinkable.

Sometimes refrigeration can be questionable, a reason why you need to add colloidal silver to picnic foods that contain mayonnaise. It is also an excellent preservative for dairy products and any other foods that have the potential for salmonella growth and poisoning.

Other ways in which you can use colloidal silver include:

• handling bacteria and parasites affecting house pets
• misting kitchen sponges and towels to eliminate salmonella
• spraying on garbage to prevent odors
• sterilizing different products such as toothbrushes and surgical instruments

In summary, there are so many ways of using colloidal silver, and it all depends on what you want to achieve at the end of the day. Find more info at